An Important Message from the Board of Directors:

We are now two months behind in the schedule for nominations and elections with no sign that anyone is going to step up and volunteer to search for nominees.
The club’s business does not “just happen.” There is no magic wand being waved behind the scenes. Its business is conducted by the volunteers on the board and committees. Without these volunteers the club’s business stops and for all intents and purposes, so does the club.
When the BOD’s terms expire at the end of November, there will not be enough continuing members to have a quorum and club business will cease. This includes, but isn’t limited to:
  1. There will be no December meetings of either the club or the board. For that matter, there will be no future meetings at all until a board is seated.
  2. Bikes-4-Kids is done. There will be no board to authorize and conduct the necessary steps.
  3. Other charitable donations may need to be put on hold due to the lack of authorization for the expenditure.
  4. The holiday party will be in serious jeopardy for the same reasons. No board, no one handling registrations, no one writing checks, etc.
  5. In the near future our memberships in NYBC and LAB will lapse.
  6. Our insurance coverage will not be renewed.
  7. The web site will shut down when authorization is not made to pay the hosting fee.
  8. All future rides and events will be uncovered and unsanctioned.
Do we need to continue this? If we’re waiting for a miracle to occur, it’s not coming.
The current BOD’s terms expire at the end of November. At that time, a new board needs to be seated. The first step in that process is a nominating committee, made up of at least one representative from each ride category. I cannot stress enough the importance of this happening. Our club is in real danger of shutting down. We’re asking you to please step up and be an active member of our club again and help us continue into the future.
The MPBC Board of Directors


Our club is about people and friends riding together, going on away trips, lots of eating and hanging out. The club has riders of all levels, from beginner to road racing. While most of the riding is done on public roadways, there are also groups that do mountain cycling in the cooler seasons.

There are away trips to Lancaster, Vermont and Cape Cod. Special events include the Tour Of The Hamptons and The Ancient Mariner Century Ride.

Feel free to join us weekends, Tuesdays and Thursdays. As a new prospective member, you are welcome to just show up and try us out.

See the Ride Calendar for ride start times and locations.

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